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Hi, I’m Laurie, The Tutoring Collective founder. In the past 15 years I’ve had the chance to meet so many fantastic families. I get to know who you and your children are and make the best possible match with the right tutor! Subject, test prep, organizational skills and getting the work done are imperative but the match with the tutor is crucial for the best possible outcome.

It is through this synergy that we discover the best learning experience with results. This is how magic happens. We have the most wonderful experiences and stories of inspiration and ideas and growth. Students find passions that they did not know were there. Finding these matches is how the Tutoring Collective works. Call us today and let’s figure it out!

  • All ages.
  • All subjects.
  • Remote or in person. We will find a tutor for you who is screened, safe,  and tested regularly.
  • Remote works well as we have found wonderful, innovative ways to connect and engage.
  • Often, we do a combination. It’s even good to meet occasionally if possible. That then creates a connection that then translates to the virtual learning.
  • Diverse network of tutors.
  • Highly qualified, interesting and engaging tutors.

Please call or text 917-494-0075 or email
I would love to connect and discuss the possibilities!

Find the Right Balance for Your Family

During the pandemic, kids have fallen behind in schoolwork and no one yet knows the mental health challenges they could face. We have been creating ways to help - make sure your children stay on top of their schoolwork, test prep and help them catch up! Here are some options that we’ve come up with:


Tutors will work remotely with students anywhere, or in person with adherence to strict safety guidelines.


Work can include current curriculum as well as enrichment and future curriculum.

Private or Social

Sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups.


Tutors are available days and evenings, 7 days a week.

All Academic Subjects, All Grades, All Tests, and College Management

  • All Grades: K-12 + College + Grad Schools
  • All Levels of: Math, Science, History, Writing, Reading, All Foreign Languages
  • Calculus + All Advanced Math
  • Coding & Computer Programming
  • Enrichment & Remedial
  • Writing Skills – Essays, Advanced Presentations
  • Homework Help
  • All State Exams, ELA, Math & Sciences
  • Talented & Gifted Exam Prep
  • Middle School Entry Exam Prep
  • Organizational Skills – Executive Function
  • Regents
  • AP’S – All Subjects
  • Extensive Prep for All Exams:
    SAT, ACT, ISEE, ERB, Hunter Admissions, SHSAT, SSAT, AP, SAT2, GRE, GMAT, MCAT
  • Grad School Application Management
  • College Application Management:
    Essays, Common App Items, Creative Portfolio and Ideas, Personalized College Choice Lists, Guidance and Management for the Entire Process.
We Exist to Make Life Easier For Parents

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