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The Tutoring Collective is a Resource Group Created by a NYC Mom – to provide experienced, connecting, top-level tutors. We exist to make life easier for parents!

The Tutoring Collective’s founder and manager, Laurie Marvald, is a Cornell Graduate and attended Columbia Business School. She is an entrepreneur who saw first-hand, through the challenge of raising three sons in NYC, how difficult the school system is to navigate. She realized that guiding students through this landscape, truly does take a village, and with The Tutoring Collective, she created that village. Now in its 15th year, Laurie continues to personally vet and hire highly experienced and caring tutors, ensuring their vast experience with the challenges that students face.

Working with over 12,000 families, The Tutoring Collective has grown primarily through word of mouth from parents who have seen their children’s lives enriched and developed by a unique and connecting relationship with their tutors. The numbers speak for themselves, with huge improvements in their grades, writing skills, reading comprehension, test scores, as well as high admission rates into specialized high schools and top tier universities and graduate programs.

We know that getting the numbers up is only part of the equation; that’s why our fascinating and accomplished tutors share their experiences with students to create a greater bond thereby enhancing the mentor and role model aspect of this relationship. Building up the student’s confidence and developing key organizational and time-management skills are key elements in this process. Our tutors grew up in major metropolitan areas, taking the same tests, and attending prestigious universities. They applied to the same schools and faced the same obstacles as their students; the familiarity and similar experiences are elements that also promote understanding and success.

We are currently working with students from pre-K through high school, plus all college levels as well as graduate school. Every subject, every test prep, every type of enrichment, plus all college process management – All!. Contact us directly to learn more!

NOTE: Laurie happens to also be the founder, creator and force behind the current international 9 hit/platinum Pop Band: AJR and their label and production company: AJR Productions, LLC. @AJRbrothers – her sons.


My son had been struggling to get his Math SAT score up for months before he started working with Steven. Steven helped him begin looking at the test as a formula that could be cracked by using the right simple tips and tricks. It helped him get out of his head and start studying the RIGHT way, ultimately raising his math score by 100 points and allowing him to hit his target score!


Laurie understands that each child succeeds in his/her own way at his/her own pace. She’s worked with so many people and knows how to look at each family and understand their unique needs. Whether it's raising grades and test scores, getting more organized, or creating a plan for the college process, she works closely with you to find the right tutor and the right schedule for your child.


Do any stories come to mind in regard to working with Jack’s tutor?
Well, no, because the great thing is that Maya comes in, she goes with Jack to his room, emerges after an hour, gives us a breakdown of what’s going, we see the improvement and then she goes on her way. Really, in terms of being a parent, it doesn’t get any better than that.