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Hi, I'm Laurie Marvald.

I’m the creator and manager of ‘The Tutoring Collective’. As a parent of 3 children who have navigated the NYC School System, I know how important a support system is for parents! The Tutoring Collective was formed out of the need to create a resource for parents to go to where they could find trusted and experienced tutors for their children that are accessible and affordable. The Tutoring Collective was created in 2005 after seeing and experiencing the desperate need for a well-organized and trusted tutoring resource group. Our tutors are brilliant and dedicated and have truly changed the lives of our students. In the past 19 years we’ve worked with over 12,000 families – primarily through word-of-mouth (parents, students, guidance counselors, principals, teachers, etc..), and in addition we are very well known throughout the metropolitan area. We also have tutors for in-person sessions in all the major cities, and of course, we are able to offer virtual tutoring anywhere.

I am available to speak to parents directly – to support them and share our resources with them. I will also spend considerable time with each parent to find the correct path and strategy for your individual child. I have 3 sons (all Columbia students) I am a graduate of Cornell University and attended Columbia Business School. I am an entrepreneur with various businesses in education and the arts and years of experience in the school system. Sharing our experiences is of the utmost important.

tel: 917-494-0075