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Admissions Counseling

The College Application is the opportunity to 'present' oneself fully!

Laurie and her team have personally worked with and crafted the college process for 100’s of students applying to college (+ graduate + medical school + Fulbright programs). By focusing on each student as an individual, the focus is how to create the 3-dimensional, 360 degree person that the Admissions Committee will truly SEE and EXPERIENCE. This is a unique and exciting form of branding and packaging. Who are you? What do you do? How are you unique? What have you done? Even students who feel there is not much to fill these questions, come to realize that they are extremely interesting and diverse.

It is our job to build this and figure out how to present it on these ‘pages’ and more. Laurie and her team are experts at this. They work tirelessly with students, individually helping and inspiring them to create the pieces of the puzzle. She takes a unique approach that emphasizes self-discovery and crafting a personal, honest narrative (and visuals) that resonates with top tier, state and local universities.

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The teams facilitate and manages the entire process, creating time management schedules that are gentle and manageable. With years of experience, Laurie has helped create remarkable college application packages with outstanding results.

Our students have been accepted in:
Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, Swarthmore, Univ of PA, Tulane, Michigan, Skidmore, Middlebury, Bates, Colleges and Universities at every level and every state. It is through this process that schools that were considered ‘reaches’ were actually reached and the students were accepted – because we created authentic, engaging and heartfelt essays, visuals and applications, – and THAT is what schools are looking for; often looking beyond just test scores and grades. It is a wonderful and deeply insightful learning process for all. We work with all students at all levels to find the right fit for them. When we have the rare and excellent opportunity to work with a 9th or 10th grader we can suggest strategies and ideas to set up for success. This is an excellent time to begin with a brief consultation.

We spend significant time learning about the applicants to find the right range of schools. We analyze the Early Decision, Early Action, and Rolling Admissions odds and statistics to determine realistic, but ambitious, strategies. We know the college process can be scary and overwhelming. Sadly, the advice from high school counselors minimize the potential and discourage excitement. We create a range of expectations that are realistic and exciting, We engage the family and more and create a magnificent synergistic experience.

Laurie worked with my daughter throughout the college application process, opening up so many opportunities for her. She brought out the best in her, always seeing her as a complete person, not just as the sum of her grades and test scores. She worked so closely with my daughter, as well as with me and her father, making sure we were always all on the same page. She helped my daughter see her own strengths in so many areas, encouraged and inspired her to apply her dream schools.


Laurie was an incredible resource for me during the college application process and I largely credit my school acceptances to the work we did together. She spent endless hours brainstorming essay topics with me and pushing me to creatively think outside of the box and write application statements that would make me stand out from the crowd. It was clear that she was incredibly dedicated to my success, and this made me feel like I had someone I could lean on throughout the stressful months leading up to submissions. I'm very thankful to have had Laurie by my side from day one of the application process -- she's the reason I ended up applying to and getting into Tulane and it was the best decision I could have made.