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Summer Programs

Let's do something great!

With camp cancelled, sports on hold, and internships dropped, it seems like all of us are scrambling to find new ways to provide our children with enriching activities over the summer.  The good news is that here at the Tutoring Collective we are putting our resources together to offer individualized learning, enrichment and even fun for your children. Each program is created custom for your child – choose as much or as little as you want.

Zoom groups or individually – this can truly be fun and stimulating – it’s all in the details. Here are some ideas, and there is much more. We will curate and create personally and individually. Perhaps:

  • Learn a new language
  • Create and solve math games
  • Learn Coding
  • Create and Produce Theater 
  • Book Clubs
  • Writing – Illustration perhaps as well. With stimulating writing discussions and feedback. 
  • Debates: Research dives into history, art, and politics – then organize and produce debates around these subjects.

The possibilities are endless!  But the central organizing factor is that your child’s summer program will be individually curated around them and their interests.  Our tutors also collaborate coming up with the best program possible so that your child enters the fall with confidence and more well-rounded then they were before.

Together, we can turn these challenging times into something great

We are happy to spend time chatting – at no charge, as always.  Simply fill out the form below to start the conversation!