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YES, The Tutoring Collective is here and going strong!

We have had incredible success this past year – our 11th year – with a 94% acceptance rate to students top-choice Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges. You can see by testimonials on Park Slope Parents, Parents of NY Teens, High School Sites, like Millennium, Bard, Beacon, Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant and more, that our tutors are quite special sought after.

Please pass this on to other families and friends – we are here and have tutors ready to get you through the 2019 spring semester
We are here for the summer for SHSAT Prep, SAT/ACT Prep, Reading, Skill Building, working on the College Application Process (see below), and ALL subjects/grades.

College Application Process
Rolling Admissions
Common Core
All Subjects and Grade Levels


We absolutely excel in reaching for those colleges that seem out of reach. I personally supervise and inspire students to create applications that are out-of-the-box remarkable; this is EXACTLY what the top colleges are now looking for. Not the perfect cookie-cutter student, but the smart unusual free thinking one. I have the ability to make that happen with your child. Myself, along with a tutor/partner have created remarkable results – and at an affordable rate. You do not have to pay those awful high prices for this. Call me and we will discuss – it is never too early to start this process. It will be eye opening and exciting, I promise!


We’ve started adding schools with rolling admissions to our college lists to ease parents’ and students’ state of mind during the application process. Schools with rolling admissions give acceptance offers as early as September, and applying to such schools is a great way to expand college choices and feel at ease during this process!

SHSAT PREP – 7th Grade Parents

With spring just around the corner, it is a great time to start preparing for the next round of SHSATs. We have spectacular tutors who get miraculous results. All of our tutors are well-versed with the new format of the SHSAT. In the past, we’ve had a 98% success rate for The Tutoring Collective Students and Tutors! Please contact us so that you can have your tutor ready to go. The spring and summertime is a great, low-stress and highly productive time to start preparing for this exam.
We can discuss the timing based on your child’s spring and summer schedule. We have a lot of flexibility. That is one of the beauties of one-on-one: the program is designed just for the student. Too often, you pay for the group programs and then need to supplement with private tutoring as well. We will create a custom program with a tutor that is amazing and suited for your child’s specific needs.


Let’s discuss which is better! We had suggested the ACT, since the SAT changed its format in 2016, we suggest taking the ACT because of the abundance of practice material that’s out there. Most schools also do not require SAT II’s with the ACT, which is a huge weight off of students’ shoulders. That being said, almost 3 years later, there is a lot more available practice material, and our tutors are well-versed with the new format! There are great indicators and definitive ways to find out which exam is best for each student. A quick individual assessment is an easy way to get that question answered.


We are working with many students to help them with their exams as well as understanding the new standards and requirements for each grade. As we are now further into the Common Core strategies and standards, working with a tutor, one-on-one, is a fantastic way for students to feel more confident.


As always our tutors are great mentors and teachers! I have tutors for ALL subjects, ALL grades, ALL tests, and for college applications! Please call me and I will find you the tutor that will connect with and inspire your child. Unlike other tutoring companies, we are a resource group that exists for parents like us – with the goal of finding a great tutor that can be hired directly. I am happy to speak to you about tutors, schools, and strategies. Our Resource Group has been around for over 11 years now. We have worked with over 8000 families. I will spend time speaking to you and finding out what you and your family individually need. We are truly masters at making an amazing match: your child and the best possible tutor, for them AND your family.

This could be one of the most important decisions you make in helping to guide your children’s education. It was for my family; and I look at my sons now, and know the revolving door of tutors was money very well spent. Please call me – even if you just want some guidance and advice. I enjoy sharing this database of knowledge that we have compiled from the community of parents, teachers and tutors we have talked with over the years. I look forward to hearing from you.


While we are at it, I want to say something about Confidence. For years parents wanted us to prep very young students – age 4 and 5 – for the Gifted Program. Other tutors and companies claimed to be able to raise their IQ scores. They were charging crazy amounts of money and truly unable to raise an IQ. The whole process seemed so unfair to everyone, but what these other tutors and companies were doing to parents was unconscionable! I finally agreed, at a very reasonable rate, to work with the pre-school kids. But we were very clear on our goal. We told the parents that were able to do 3 things, none of which were to raise their IQ scores. They were: To help these very young children be more comfortable with a ‘stranger’ who would be asking them questions; to help these children to be more familiar with the process of taking a ‘test’. And most important: To give these children more CONFIDENCE – that, in and of itself could garner the best results!

I have discussions with parents daily about what creates success. I strongly believe that going into a test or a classroom feeling confident is the number one super-power that we have. Parents are so distraught watching their children lose their self-confidence. Confidence can be damaged by many factors: poor grades, a mean and difficult teacher, absences, bullying and just the nature of going through this difficult system (and puberty)….. When one works with a fantastic coach, mentor, tutor, friend – everything about that can change. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of miracles. Confidence truly is the Super-Power and we are so very, very happy to work with you on this. Just call, we can discuss….

All the Best,