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Hi Parents, 

AI is here. It is fascinating and appealing. However, AI is not the answer for your child. 

It is the person that they are connecting with. It is the relationship with the right tutor!

AI has made significant strides in education. It can be a valuable tool to support learning and teaching. However, it is not a substitute for a person and a personal relationship!  It is crucial to understand that AI should not be seen as a miraculous solution. When thought about and utilized correctly AI can enhance the educational experience.

Education is a complex process that involves not just the transfer of knowledge but also the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, social interaction, and emotional intelligence. While AI can provide personalized learning recommendations and assist in assessment, it cannot replace the human touch in education. Skilled tutors play a vital role in guiding and inspiring children.

There are countless videos, online lessons and now AI answers out there. But for our children who are having difficulty, can do better, are bored and confused:  the ONLY real answer is a REAL LIVE person who knows, hears and understands  this individual!!  To connect with them, in person (and Zoom). Somebody they have a relationship with. That is what will make the enormous difference in our children’s schoolwork, confidence, emotional happiness and then YOUR happiness.

I promise! I have my own 3 kids. I have been making these amazing tutor/coach + student matches for 17+ years. It has been my honor and remarkable to see the transformation and results. We are a community and connection is everything. It is essential to spend time talking about your particular child.

Please call me. We can chat. 


(PS – Yes, my sons are the band AJR @AJRbrothers. I created and managed the band and our label for years. Now off to my next adventure. But The Tutoring Collective is near and dear to my heart, there is nothing as valuable as community! For all of us.)