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There is a common misconception that tutoring is for under-performing students. Many turn to private tutoring when you or your child believes they are ‘bad’ at a particular subject. In reality, they are simply uninterested in the subject, or there’s a communication void between the student and teacher. This is where a tutor comes in and fills that void. With COVID-19 shifting how we go to school and parents having to cope with helping their children learn at home, tutoring programs are more critical than ever. The Tutoring Collective’s goal is to create the perfect tutor match for your child.

No Two Students are Identical

The most important step in creating the perfect tutor match begins with tailoring the approach to your child’s specific needs. May that be extra help with a particular subject or improving on a skill like note-taking or typing. Knowing your child’s weaknesses and the significant areas they need to improve will help organize a plan to achieve more transparent results. Having a shared understanding of you and your child’s goals and end game are also factors for success.

Learning Confidence is Key

An essential part of a child’s success is building up their learning confidence. By discovering the right tutoring approach, you can do just that. Some children prefer hands-on learning as opposed to visual study aids. By having a tutor explain a subject in a way that is engaging to your child, they build confidence and self-belief and in return, achieve more academically. Tutors teach your child at a pace they can understand and register, so they genuinely have a chance to grasp the new concepts they are learning. Extra practice and learning new techniques through tutoring reassures your child goes back to school prepared and up to speed.

At The Tutoring Collective, we believe that the purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves and to transform them into confident, independent learners. Contact us today to learn more!