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That is the popular question amongst many parents attempting to navigate their child’s new homeschool agendas for the first time. With COVID-19 affecting how our children can physically go to school and learn, we as parents are expected to fill that learning gap at home. But what tutoring style works best for your child? Let’s explore the difference in One-on-One, Group, and Hybrid tutoring styles.

One-on-One, Group, or Hybrid?

Many people think of tutoring as a one-on-one approach, yet group tutoring is gaining more popularity with the stressors of COVID-19, causing school shutdowns. Maybe you are going back to work and don’t have the time to watch over your child’s online learning, or maybe you just don’t understand the subject! One-on-One Tutoring, Group Tutoring or Hybrid Tutoring is a great way to accentuate your child’s education and make sure they are up to speed when schools are safe to open up once more.

What is Hybrid Tutoring? Your child receives the one-on-one attention they need during their private tutoring sessions, either online or in-person. Then have a weekly gathering with other children to show off what they have been working on and have some much needed social interaction. Olivia gets to act out her play that helped her strengthen her writing skills. Ben explains the solar system by playing the video he created. 

Hybrid Tutoring can help activate a child’s communication skills while asking questions amongst each other and discussing problems together. While one-on-one learning still occurs, the group setting brings multiple positive aspects to the table. As of late, many of us have dealt with dreadful virtual education for our children. But groups can turn learning into a safe, rewarding social occasion again!

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