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The Tutoring Collective, formed by Laurie Marvald 15 years ago, has launched a new initiative to provide its Tutoring-as-a-Service model (TaaS) as a corporate benefit through companies’ HR departments. 

Designed as a bespoke matchmaking system, TaaS delivers Laurie’s unique insights creating a personal and individual match based upon academic needs along with the student’s interests. One of the pain points revealed by the current remote WFH arrangements is the burden placed on parents of school aged children. Laurie’s famed service has helped over 12,000 families and now, by layering it onto a software platform, has expanded the offering to help deal with the dire educational situation while crucially maintaining the unique matching to the right tutor. The TaaS Pro platform also provides an intranet-like portal for parents to receive vital information, stay connected to the tutor, as well as create the schedule that works for their family. 

Laurie commented: “Historically we have had so much success with building students’  interests in, and creating tutoring around them, devising a syllabus that the student loves. But with the pandemic and the new challenges students, parents and businesses are facing, we’ve built a whole new tutoring environment that will engage the student daily, inspire them and keep them engaged much longer.”

Laurie went on to say: “Expanding the service and building in the software solution was the logical next step. Companies are looking for new HR benefits and this is one that provides multiple levels of added value, from the child to the parents and onto the company. Whether in the pandemic or as we emerge from it, I’m extremely grateful that we’re in a position to help employees and their families.”

The Tutoring Collective has a diverse network of tutors that each bring specially selected skills and interests to augment their qualifications. In addition, all tutors are graduates from prestigious schools with high level degrees.

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New York, NY, April 2021
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